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Nora has been writing since the age of seven, producing reams of unpublished stories. A not so short foray into the world of academia resulted in her first published work. Many scientific articles and an Assistant professorship later, she eventually realised her love for writing was greater than her love for the medical sciences. Changing careers, she produced a number of short fictional stories based on ancestors in her family tree before progressing to a novel. Little Bolton was her first published work of fiction and the characters included her own great, great grandparents. She then went on to produce children's stories, inspired by her own children. These stories deal with issues that came up in everyday situations such as believing in yourself, being good enough and expressing your authentic self. She is currently happily writing another historical fiction novel whilst further researching her family tree.

Nora lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with her family and two cats.


Little Bolton
The story of a working class family at the start of the Industrial Revolution


In a small Lancashire town in the 1840s, three working class orphans struggle to survive. Despite technological advancement, life is harder for Nell, Bill and Luke than it was for their parents.

As they grow up, they each find their own way of improving their situation, through marriage, education, or illegal means.

But family scandal that no one will talk about, and the mysterious Edward Ainsworth who will stop at nothing to destroy their family, threaten to ruin what progress they’ve made.

Why this writer was inspired to write a book about 1840s Bolton

by Alex McIntyre, The Bolton News, 17th July 2017

AN author has used her family's past to realise a lifelong dream and publish her first novel — Little Bolton.

Nora Lönn grew up in Red Lane, Breightmet, in a working class family and wanted to be a writer since the age of seven.

Her first story is based on the experiences of her ancestors, researched through her interest in genealogy.

It tells the tale of three orphans, Nell, Bill and Luke, and their struggle to survive in 1840s Bolton.

Mrs Lönn, who now lives in Stockholm in Sweden with her partner and children, said: "It is a mix of genealogy facts and fiction.

"I used fiction to illustrate how their lives may have been and to fill in the gaps between historical facts in black and white and making them real.

"I wanted it to reflect normal, every day working class families and what they went through at the time. It’s quite dark in places."

The 46-year-old moved to Sweden 16 years ago for work and currently freelances in copywriting and translations.

She was unable to find a good enough story until an idea popped into her head in 2010 when she was in Sri Lanka.

She said: "I’d been trying to track down the grave of my great, great uncle who’d died in Colombo.

"We decided to take a train from Colombo to Kandy and I guess the genealogy research was still on my mind. Suddenly, and completely out of the blue, I had an idea for a book. I scrabbled around in my bag for bits of paper and a pen and started writing.

"I didn’t stop until we got off the train. After that I felt like I was being driven to finish the story."

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